Maintaining high standards and being compliant in personal and clinical care is paramount to providing a safe and effective environment for our consumers. Non-compliance significantly impacts our consumers’ health and well-being and is extremely costly to providers.

Understanding where the risk of compliance failure is greatest is the first step to ensuring compliance and maintaining high standards. Our recent analysis of published non-complainces tells us that the highest rate of non-compliance is in standard 3 (Personal and Clinical care).

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Key Findings

Here are the key findings from our analysis:

Between July and December 2020, 63 homes were deemed non-compliant
61 (97%) of these homes were non-complaint in Standard 3
209 requirements were non-compliant across these 61 homes
The requirement that had the highest rate of non-compliance was 3.3.b – (Effective management of high-impact or high prevalence risks associated with each consumer’s care)

Standard 3, non-compliant statistics per requirement:

RequirementNo. Non-compliantPercentage of Non compliant facilities

Providers across the country are experiencing high rates of non-compliance within Standard 3, so what can providers do to ensure they not only meet these requirements but aim to exceed them?

Case study example

Here is a little vignette of how these elements came together for a client of ours:

A major client of Pride Living utilised our internal review service across their business consisting of 11 homes in 2019,2020 and 2021.  Sanctions were in place at 2 homes prior to our engagement in 2019.  Historical non-compliance trends for both homes linked directly to Std 3. Within 18 months, 11 homes transitioned successfully to the new standards, all sanctions were lifted and the balance of homes hold compliance.

Based on these outcomes the owner and governance team now have evidenced-based results that give them  full confidence and assurance in compliance, capability and sustainability and most of all quality outcomes for their consumers.


Why Pride?

Clinical governance frameworks are essential to underpin how we manage our personal and clinical care programs. As a leading and trusted compliance team, Pride Living has supported clients across the country to gain confidence and assurance in compliance. Often utilising an independent perspective is key to understanding where gaps are identified and the impacts of those gaps on consumers and the organisation.  Our Quality Compliance and Clinical Governance team at Pride are ISO 9001 certified and have been trusted by the largest and smallest providers in Australia.

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