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The Australian National Aged Care Classification system (AN-ACC) is designed to increase funding for residential care to meet the needs of Residents and ensure the long-term financial viability of Providers.

Our research indicates a significant number of the initial AN-ACC assessments do not reflect current acuity. Classifications may be inaccurate or outdated. We calculate the impact of inaccurate AN-ACC assessments could erode income by approximately 15%, a cost no Provider can afford.

In addition to impacting funding, AN-ACC inaccurate classification impacts the ability to provide the appropriate level of service delivery (care minutes) and a Provider’s star rating. Without a robust system for managing AN-ACC, Providers could be missing out on valuable funding.

We understand the complex nature of navigating the new funding system. Our AN-ACC Optimiser Services are designed to set you up for long-term success. Our team of AN-ACC specialists will work collaboratively to support your onsite team and build your internal capabilities to maximise AN-ACC revenue.

In our experience, reclassifications have resulted in an uplift of $34 per reclassified resident per day.

AN-ACC Optimiser Services

1.    AN-ACC Health Check

This Service provides you with analysis and insight into your facility’s AN-ACC funding and potential revenue optimisation.

  • Review AN-ACC assessment process and user skill set
  • Conduct AN-ACC reappraisal of uplift targets
  • Confirm residents for reassessment
  • Assist with completion of request for AN-ACC reassessment
  • Mentor facility AN-ACC coordinator/equivalent
  • Key Metrics Dashboard Report including financial and care minute uplift projections
FACILITY SIZE<100101 - 200>200
Service fee$6,595$8,795$10,995

2.    Onsite Assessment Service

This is a per-resident assessment service fee, based on the outcome of the AN-ACC Health Check. We utilise the same methodology as the external AN-ACC assessors whereby a suitably qualified practitioner conducts AN-ACC assessments and triangulates assessment results.

  • Desktop AN-ACC review
  • Review AN-ACC pre-entry assessment process
  • Map AN-ACC facility profile against industry average
  • Identifies opportunity for resident uplift via reclassification
  • Key Metrics Dashboard Report
Service fee$715, minimum of 7 residents for onsite visit

3.    Ongoing Support Service 

12-month subscription service

This service builds on your internal capacity to effectively manage AN-ACC revenue, whilst providing ongoing expert monitoring, support and resources.

  • AN-ACC Help desk support
  • Monthly AN-ACC funding/ care minutes monitoring
  • Regular check-in with AN-ACC coordinator/equivalent
  • Identify and coordinate AN-ACC reclassifications
  • Virtual AN-ACC training workshops
  • AN-ACC updates and insights
  • Quarterly Key Metrics Dashboard Report
FACILITY SIZE<100101 - 200>200
Service fee per place per month$16.50$13.75$11.00

Prices effective 1st July 2023, excludes GST

Why Pride Living

We know that the best-performing Providers rely on strong internal processes to manage revenue. Our service is specifically designed to build internal capacity, monitor performance and assist with uplifts. In short, you can outsource AN-ACC oversight to our AN-ACC specialists.


Through our services, our clients typically see a return on investment within their first four residents’ annualised funding uplifts.


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