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There is no shortage of opportunities to expand operations either through greenfield or brownfield developments. However, too often the outcome from these opportunities which initially appear to be worthwhile fall short of expectations and as a result either threaten the financial sustainability of an organisation or erode value.

This failure is often associated with a lack of objectivity or rigour in setting and assessing the variables that impact the outcomes.

Providers can make decisions with confidence by subjecting internal modelling, forecasts and underlying assumptions of major capital to an external/objective review or they can have the modelling and forecasting developed externally.

All projects involve risk when we work with our clients, the risk management strategies we develop enhance the risk weighted return from opportunities, this can turn a marginal opportunity into a truly value adding growth strategy!

Deal momentum, where people are heavily invested in a proposal proceeding is the greatest cause of loss of objectivity and poor investment decisions, leading to an erosion of value.

Service Overview

The Pride Living Capital Projects and Business Case Assessment service includes:

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Building a three-way model covering the development, trade up and normal operating


Assessment of the proposal based on supply and demand analysis

chart blue

Assessment of proposal based on cost v value of development and return on investment
during operating period


Summary of key risks and sensitivity and recommendations on risk management strategies


Comprehensive report on the proposal for presentation to your governing body

Why Pride Living

  • High quality inputs ensure high quality outputs – our approach ensures rigour and objectivity are applied to the proposal
  • Our methodology is comprehensive and proven – you can have confidence in our findings
  • Our findings are clear and specific – you can act on them
  • We add value with specific recommendations to enhance economic value


As all business cases are different, pricing is based on the specifics of the case.


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