Insights into Jan – June 2021 non-compliant and sanctioned facilities

Pride Living is pleased to present our third Insight into non-compliant and sanctioned facilities, building on the Commission's quarterly sector performance data. The latest quarter has again seen an increase in the incidence of non-compliances issued. In this issue, we highlight the key risk areas and share our thoughts and experience from some recent involvement [...]

Webinar Presentation: Russell Kennedy and Pride Living Webinar: Serious Incident Response Scheme (SIRS) – Are you prepared?

Partnered with Russell Kennedy Lawyers, Katrina Ong presented our webinar on the Serious Incident Response Scheme (SIRS), focusing on: Tips on implementing an incident management system Concepts of preventive and reactive risk management Concept of Root Cause Analysis in incident investigation With Priority 1 incident reporting becoming mandatory from April 1st, this presentation can provide [...]

Understanding and managing the most common areas of non-compliance

Maintaining high standards and being compliant in personal and clinical care is paramount to providing a safe and effective environment for our consumers. Non-compliance significantly impacts our consumers' health and well-being and is extremely costly to providers. Understanding where the risk of compliance failure is greatest is the first step to ensuring compliance and maintaining [...]

Non-compliant and sanctioned facilities Jan – Jun 2020

Non-compliance is the single greatest threat to the viability and sustainability of a Provider and erodes community support for the sector. From a governance perspective, Providers need robust and objective risk management and assessment policies and protocols to ensure potential non-compliances are identified and the risk minimised. This is our second insight report into non-compliant [...]

Insights with Dan from AnglicareSA and Katrina: delivering quality during COVID and beyond

With Australia now taking baby steps out of lockdowns, Katrina and Daniel Aitchison (General Manager, Aged Care Services at AnglicareSA) sat down with Leigh Hatcher to discuss their experience in: managing the COVID response to ensure the safety and quality of life for residents. planning for a post-COVID world. While the media focus is often [...]

Profile of a non-complaint facility: Insight into non-compliance data from Jul-Dec 2019

The new aged care single quality standards have been in place for over 6 months. Since their  implementation, the approach from the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (the Commission) continues to be “Compliant, well only if you prove it”. To gain a deeper understanding of the rate and profile of facilities with non-compliances and [...]