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Additional Services enable Providers to deliver Consumer Directed Care (CDC) and provides an opportunity to increase revenue and margins and reduce dependence on diminishing Govt revenue sources.

We recognise that developing an Additional Services model requires expertise, is time-consuming and costly, so we developed the PASS1 Model.

PASS ensures the ‘value’ and ‘benefits’ of your facility’s Additional Services offering is expressed in a way that is compelling to Residents and their families.

Implementing PASS in your facility is the most effective means of generating additional income.

PASS1: Pride Additional Services Suite

When implemented on a whole of facility basis, PASS can generate between $2,500 and $20,000 EBITDA per resident per annum.

Service Overview

Subscribers to PASS receive:

Support and advice in developing your suite of Additional Services

Advice on pricing structure

Provision of all marketing materials including brochures

Staff training in the promotion of the service to Residents

Business hours support line

Integration of the service into your Resident contracts

Integration of the service into your administration procedures

Innovations by other members

Program auditing and compliance monitoring

Ongoing support, advice and refinement of your Additional Services offer

Implementation service

  • Fully remote implementation to minimise disruption for facility staff
  • Detailed report and recommendations on appropriate inclusions and fee structures in your base offering
  • Training of staff in product offering and sales
  • Provision of brochures and contracts/agreements

Subscription service

  • Regular contact with your sales staff to obtain feedback and offer advice
  • Desktop program auditing and compliance monitoring, including quarterly reports
  • Access to support desk during business hours
  • Ongoing supply of promotional materials

Under this model, Providers pay an implementation fee and an ongoing annual maintenance fee based on facility size (opt-out option after 12 months).

FACILITY SIZE<4041 - 99100 - 149150+
Implementation fee$34,995$44,995$54,995$64,995
Subscription per place per month$10.95$9.95$8.95$7.95
Prices effective 1st of July 2023, excludes GST

Other services

Pride Living also offers onsite audits and Additional Services workshops. We will also review and audit your current Additional Services program, giving independent verification of your Additional Services program’s regulatory compliance.

  • A member of the Pride team conducts a desktop or onsite compliance audit and provides a report with any action required
  • Review and refresh on your Additional Services inclusions
  • Customisation and update of marketing materials and associated collateral
  • On-site training workshop facilitation

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