Pride Living, with many years of experience, is the leading consultant group working with aged care providers to understand their business better while supporting them to maximise returns and resident outcomes.


The concept of Additional Services builds on a hospitality model by offering a range of products that can be graded and customised to meet Resident needs and expectations. They offer choice to consumers and help Providers diversify income streams and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Pride Living works with Providers to develop and implement their Additional Services product. We offer a proven approach to supporting Providers to successfully manage and market their Additional Services offerings. This includes market research, product development, marketing strategies, and financial modelling to get the offer right.

Pride Living understands the complex nature of navigating the new funding system. Our AN-ACC Optimiser Services are designed to set you up for long-term success as they are specifically designed to build internal capacity, monitor performance and assist with uplifts. In short, you can outsource AN-ACC oversight to our AN-ACC specialists.

AN-ACC Services we offer:

Health Check:
We provide analysis and insight into your facility’s AN-ACC funding and potential revenue optimisation

Onsite Assessment Service:
We utilise the same methodology as the external AN-ACC assessors whereby a suitably qualified practitioner conducts AN-ACC assessments and triangulates assessment results

Ongoing Support Service:
We build on your internal capacity to effectively manage AN-ACC revenue, whilst providing ongoing expert monitoring, support and resources

Pride Living’s Reimagine Occupancy Accommodation Revenue (ROAR) Program will identify the right Accommodation Revenue Strategy and provide the tools and training for successful implementation within your facility.

Our ROAR Program includes:

  • Training for Sales and Reception teams on process, capability and customer experience
  • Maximisation of referrer channel effectiveness
  • Refining of admission pack, client email communication and promotional material
  • Ongoing support with a help desk line and dashboard reporting

We provide you with an independent, evidence-based confirmation as to the appropriateness of your resourcing model for the acuity of your residents.


Confidence leads to success, choose Pride Living.