We take pride ensuring all our clients are satisfied with our services. Below are a few examples of how we instil confidence in our clients.

Chaffey Aged Care

Service: Strategic Planning

“Bruce Bailey is an entrepreneurial strategist with a firm understanding of the aged care industry and principals of good corporate governance.

Bruce has provided consultancies to Chaffey Aged Care over a number of years and is always informed and engaging.

Bruce has assisted Chaffey Aged Care to develop a contemporary strategic plan which will assist our organisation to navigate a path to success in a complex industry and challenging economic climate.

I have no hesitation in recommending Bruce and the team at Pride Living as they have assisted our board and executive team to formulate tailored solutions to our strategic objectives.”

Homewood Care

Service: Additional Services

“We contracted James Saunders of Pride Living to undertake a staffing review of our facilities and, we were extremely pleased with the outcomes he was able to achieve.

James’ review not only resulted in better care process for our residents but also in significant increases to our revenues. We are more than happy to recommend him to undertake this task for any organisation looking at optimising their staff ratios and mix. His extensive industry knowledge and experience was clear in the results he achieved for our organisation.”


Service: Quality Management & Clinical Governance

“Katrina was appointed as the Clinical Adviser to Kirkbrae as the full impact of the COVID19 outbreak took hold at the facility. she seamlessly navigated the environment of an organisation operating in crisis mode. Katrina’s immediate and sustained focus was on he care of the residents. This guided her approach to working through the many complexities that the organisation faced. Her collaborative approach ensured the diverse team, often with differing views, worked together to effectively restore the facility to a sense of normality. Katrina managed the requirement to remain objective and independent with great skill. Her experience and expertise assisted by the broader team at Pride Living meant the advice we received was wise and timely which allowed us to make decisions with confidence. I would recommend Pride Living and Katrina to any organisation that finds itself in a compromised compliance situation.”