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In a period of disruption and reorientation, many providers are reassessing their position in the sector. Often this includes growth through acquisition or merger, or a reorientation through either a merger or exit via a sale. These activities are generally referred to as Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).

While M&A come in all shapes and sizes, there are a core set of issues and activities that when executed well underpin a successful transaction. Transactions tend to have unique intensity and rhythm and generally involve significant emotions. When parties deal directly, it runs the risk of creating a winner and a loser. Using an intermediary eliminates this risk.

Pride Living helps both acquiring and disposing parties execute successful mergers, acquisitions and sales. Our proven methodology and experienced consultants are your guarantees of a successful outcome. More importantly, by engaging Pride Living, you get objective, pragmatic advice and a team that is undistracted by the day-to-day activities of your organisation.

Unfortunately, many governing bodies are slow to acknowledge that they cannot operate commercially, and this can mean they are slow to make a decision to change the status quo to the detriment of all stakeholders.

Service Overview

Our proven methodology is key and includes the following seven (7) core steps:

  1. Understand what it is you are seeking from the merger, acquisition or sale
  2. Understand the various activities and data flows required and ensure these are coordinated
  3. Ensure you receive objective input and feedback in relation to all parties
  4. Ensure all stakeholders are aligned to the objective you are seeking
  5. Manage the communications and develop a communications plan
  6. Ensure the technical aspects of the transaction are dealt with appropriately
  7. Maintain momentum

Why Pride Living

We provide integrated comprehensive services that reduces stress and risk to our clients.
Our extensive connections in the sector mean you connect with the appropriate parties.
A multidisciplined team with capabilities in quality, operations and strategy. This ensures that our advice is holistic and realistic.
Our proven methodology achieves the outcomes our clients desire, allowing them to make decisions with confidence.

What a client said


As all transactions are different, pricing is based on the specifics of the transaction.


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