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Sustainable Corporate Resourcing

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Sustainable Resourcing is a philosophy that balances the delivery of residential aged care with the financial viability of aged care providers. While is this normally focused at the facility level, the corporate structure is equally as important.

The Pride Living Sustainable Corporate Resourcing provides an independent, evidence-based assessment of your current corporate structure. We identify gaps and assist you to design a model that optimises resources and processes. We compare you with benchmarks and contemporary practices to develop a structure tailored to meet the objectives of your organisation.

We can also assist you to implement the changes.

Ensuring your organisation has the right level and mix of staff requires a comprehensive understanding of the mission, objectives, business processes and shortcomings.

Service Overview

As part of our Sustainable Corporate Resourcing, we include:


A review of C-Suite, Financial Services, Payroll, Human Resources, Property Management,
Marketing, ITC and other services


A review of wages in comparison with benchmarks


A review of business processes to identify opportunities for efficiency


Recommendations for the workforce structure tailored to the organisation


Overall summary of proposed changes and costings

Why Pride Living

Providers who engage us to undertake a Sustainable Corporate Resourcing can anticipate the following benefits:

Our consultants have extensive experience in designing, reviewing, and modifying workforce structures using industry benchmarks
We identify precisely where there is excess or deficient resourcing
We quantify the potential savings/costs (hours and dollars) should you adjust rosters in accordance with our recommendation
We can assist you to implement the proposed changes and revise work processes to remain compliant
We provide management and the board independent confirmation of your internal processes and structure


As organisation’s size directly impacts the scope and complexity of our work, our fees are based on the number of places across the organisation.

1 - 39 places$14,995
40 - 99 places$24,995
100 - 149 places$29,995
> = 150 placesPOA

Prices exclude GST


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