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It’s been said that a vision without a plan is a dream and a plan without a vision is merely a job.

When connecting vision and a plan through a clearly thought out and articulated strategy, you can chart a course to organisational sustainability. Pride Living works with executive teams and boards to set a strategic direction and to identify specific actions, projects, milestones and measures of success so your organisation can stay on course.

If you are concerned about:

The changing landscape of retirement living, home based care, residential care
Constrained government funding
Financial viability
Increased power and expectations of consumers
Disruption from recent and proposed changes to regulation
Competition and consolidation
Workforce scarcity

Then our strategic planning workshops will provide the clarity you seek to ensure you thrive rather than survive or perish. We’ll help you choose your pathway with confidence.

As every organisation’s context is different, our approach is bespoke rather than cookie-cutter. You get a strategic plan reflecting your unique setting, challenges and opportunities.

Service Overview

The Pride Living Strategic Planning Workshop covers the following topics:


Education on major regulatory changes and their expected impact


Competitor analysis – what works


In depth analysis of your position covering Q&C, Fin and Operations


Q&A Session


Strategic Planning Report


Strategy Roadmap

Why Pride Living

Practical experience – our facilitators have been board members and CEOs of major aged care organisations. They use best practice in defining and implementing strategic vision.
Unrivalled research and analysis – our industry research and knowledge is unrivalled – this means your strategy workshop is supported by evidence, not opinions.
A multi-disciplined team – with capabilities in quality, operations and strategy. This ensures that our advice is holistic and realistic.
Unique Roadmap and Strategic plan report – give you the tools to implement and monitor progress
Best practice – We consult to hundreds of operators, we know what works – this enables you to make decisions with confidence.


Our Strategic Planning Workshops start at $14,995 (ex. GST) with options to suit your needs.


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