Pride Living is pleased to present our third Insight into non-compliant and sanctioned facilities, building on the Commission’s quarterly sector performance data. The latest quarter has again seen an increase in the incidence of non-compliances issued.

In this issue, we highlight the key risk areas and share our thoughts and experience from some recent involvement with Providers involved in ACQSC investigations and regulatory actions following a Serious Incident Reporting Scheme report.

Our report provides commentary and analysis on the:

  • trends in the Commission’s audit activity and outcomes
  • standards and requirements where providers are being found non-complaint
  • profile of non-compliant facilities filtered by ownership, size and location

Partner – Quality & Clinical Governance

Interactive online report

Below is an interactive online report that allows you to conduct your own analysis with the data found:

Here is the previous non-compliance data for the period Jul – Dec 2020 to compare:

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