Melbourne seems like a long time ago, well I guess it is! As the overriding purpose is to raise money, its pleasing to confirm that the Zoo2Zoo rides have so far raised $92,672 and Team Pride has contributed $8,256 to this. You can see more or about my journey and if you haven’t done so yet, you can donate at Zoo2Zoo.

A big thank you to all my supporters both financial and with messages along the way. I trust you enjoy this montage of the trip.

Managing Director

Day 1 – Ready, Set, Go

We started early at 5.30 am from the YHA in Melbourne. As my kids said, it’s a long time since I’ve stayed in this sort of accommodation!

After getting out of Melbourne, we travelled the back roads to Bonnie Doon, which featured only one relatively easy climb for the first day.
We typically ride about 40kms then regroup at a coffee stop achieving 100kms before lunch.

This is definitely not five-star cycle touring, this is lunch in the park on Day 1. The local paper even came out to get a story!

Day 2 – A bike ride a day, keeps the doctor away

We had more climbing, while everyone goes at their own pace uphill we all regroup once we get there. Resting before we head down into Whitfield. Some of us had a bad experience here, but that’s not for publication!

Day 3 – Journey to the top

From Day 3 the roads led into the mountains, two climbs today, we did a quick 30km before breakfast in Bright.

This picture was taken at Tawonga Gap, where we then headed downhill for about 8km before we headed up to Falls Creek from Mount Beauty. At 30kms, definitely the longest climb I’ve ever done.

Day 5 Some days just aren’t meant for cycling

I took a decision early not to ride in this weather. A number saw the wisdom in this during the day while some were hardier and battled on. Good luck to them!

Day 6 – Ride, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

We ended up getting washed out again as Day 6 hit us with strong rainfall. All the riders hopped into cars in Tumut and we took a road trip to Canberra.

However, the day is never done until you’re ready for tomorrow. One of the amazing things about cycling is meeting new faces and learning their stories. Pictured here is Pete, who is a racer and the tour bike mechanic who helped keep us on target and ensured safety.

Everyday, when the ride is done, it’s time to check the gear, refuel the nutrient packs, shower, sort our laundry, grab a team dinner and then hit the hay to recharge for the next day.

Day 9 – Oh What a Feeling… Taronga!

Not exactly a new car feeling, but it definitely feels amazing after challenging yourself to ride 1,200kms and to climb 11,000 metres. As a result, we raised nearly $10,000 – it’s still not too late to donate!

This picture sums up how I felt at the end of this journey – accomplished!

And this is the the elated dozen (riders) and support crew who rode from Melbourne to Dubbo via Canberra. What a special time we had together!

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