AN-ACC Reconsiderations

In our last Insight, we discussed AN-ACC Initial Assessments and Reassessments. The evidence is clear that providers need to focus on reassessing their residents, however, the process does not end there. The final step in managing your AN-ACC assessments is AN-ACC reconsideration requests.   JC Yap Principal CONTACT JC Reconsiderations What are they?  Key drivers [...]

Industry activity shows over 13,000 AN-ACC reclassification requests

In our last AN-ACC Insight, we highlighted the difference in financial outcomes between strong and weak AN-ACC reassessment processes and the need for providers to continually review the AN-ACC classifications of their residents to ensure they obtain the funding they are entitled to. With the benefit of more AN-ACC reassessment data published by the Department, [...]

AN-ACC assessments understate care needs and could mean more than 20% underfunding to Providers

Optimising AN-ACC capabilities within the broader scope of industry reform There are three components to AN-ACC: 1. The fixed component, 2. the variable component, and 3. the one-off adjustment payment The variable component is based on a reference starting price which has been set at $216.80. This price corresponds with the value of 1 NWAU [...]