A Independent Review provides clarity when an immediate risk or critical incident has occurred. It identifies whether causal factors of the incident have been managed appropriately with reference to best practice and statutory frameworks. The mismanagement of serious risk and critical incidents lead to severe costs across organisational, financial, compliance and legislative domains.

The resulting analysis gives providers:

Confidence that risks to consumers have been appropriately analysed and corrective actions applied.
An external report which may be used for a legal or compliance defence.

Pride Living has assisted providers to uncover and resolve the root cause across a broad spectrum of incidents including pressure injury, falls, medication, chemical restraint, sudden deterioration/unexpected death. You can find confidence in our experience and expertise.

Ultimately if the root cause of incidents is not identified and re-mediated, consumers face increased risk of injury and harm.

Service Overview

The Pride Living Independent Review encompasses the following:


Investigation including the conducting of interviews and documentation reviews

IR Hazard

Synthesis of investigation outcomes to conclude the root cause of incidents


Executive report detailing the analysis conducted and result


Action plan to support systematic change


Self-evaluation to determine whether the root cause has been eliminated


As an option, we also deliver workshops to train your team in the fundamentals of conducting an Independent Review

Why Pride Living

  • We have Independent Reviews for the largest aged care providers and are trusted by them to deliver positive outcomes.
  • Our consultants have been in operational and quality roles in facilities across Australia and are hands-on subject matter experts.
  • Our consultants are ISO 9001 certified in undertaking Root Cause Analysis (non- industry-specific).
  • The analysis and reports we deliver are actionable, facilitating improvements to your systems and giving you the confidence to deliver best practice care and services.

Choosing Pride Living gives you access to the experience of senior quality leaders that provide clarity when an immediate risk or critical incident has occurred.


Independent Review pricing from $9,995.


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