Sustainable Resourcing Assessment

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Human resources are the greatest area of expenditure in an aged care facility, comprising approximately 70% of all costs. In a revenue-constrained environment, it is critical that staffing levels reflect the level of acuity-based care, required by residents.

While comparing your performance to a benchmark can tell you the variance of your wages to the benchmark it provides no insight into the cause for the variation or how to improve your relative metric.

The Pride Living Sustainable Resourcing Assessment can provide management with an independent, evidence-based confirmation as to the appropriateness of your resourcing model for the acuity of your residents.

Ensuring your facility has the right level and mix of staff requires a comprehensive understanding of resident’s needs, ACFI revenue, the model of care utilised and staffing structure.

Our service

As part of our roster review service, we deliver:


Analysis of current ACFI income from the Medicare Payment Statement


Utilising the facility’s roster and Award/EBA, hourly rates for individuals on negotiated salaries and contractor information a costed base roster and a projection of on-costs is prepared


Review of staffing structure against existing model of care


Recommendations for the staffing structure tailored to resident acuity and the facility’s
preferred model of care delivery


Overall summary of changes of proposed changes to income compared with ACFI income


Analysis of staffing ratios in each section of the facility

Why Pride

Providers who engage us to undertake a Sustainable Resourcing Assessment can anticipate the following benefits:

Our consultants have extensive experience in designing, reviewing, and modifying your staffing structure using evidence-based models of care
Identify precisely where there is excess or deficient resourcing
Quantify the potential savings/costs (hours and dollars) should you adjust rosters in accordance with our recommendation
Highlight opportunities to increase ACFI based on care that is being provided
We provide management and the Board independent confirmation of your internal processes for setting and monitoring rosters


As facility size directly impacts the scope and complexity of our work, our fees are based on the number of places in each facility we review.

Less than 40 places in the facility$12,995
41 to 99 places in the facility$19,995
100 to 149 places in the facility$25,995
More than 150 places in the facilityPOA

All fees are exclusive of GST


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