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With ACFI contributing approximately 60% of a facility’s revenue, ensuring you are receiving your full entitlement to ACFI is a first-order priority. Because resident acuity is consistent across all providers, your average ACFI should be within 5% of the industry average ($181prpd).

An independent study found that providers who rely on internal ACFI capabilities and supplement this with external support achieve better outcomes

The Pride Living ACFI Support program focusses on

  1. Supporting and upskilling those within your organisation who are responsible for your ACFI claims and management.
  2. Ensuring your admissions policies and criteria are consistent with achieving your targeted ACFI revenue.

Our approach means the ACFI capabilities that support higher ACFI claims are embedded deep within your organisation creating sustainability rather than dependence on external consultants.

Service overview

We provide the following services to ensure you have the capabilities you need:


Project manage ACFI uplift program – partnering with you to optimise ACFI claims


Onsite validation support – onsite audit to assess potential for upgrade or risks for downgrades.


Desktop validation support – audit of completed ACFI packs mirroring Department validation.


Education program – formal coaching program to embed best practice.


ACFI helpline – access to subject matter experts to ad hoc guidance and support.

Why Pride

  • Our consultants have hands-on practical experience within Residential Aged Care. This means they know the reality of implementation, upskilling and competing work agendas within your facilities.
  • Collectively our consultants have worked with over 10,000 residents to deliver ACFI Optimisation.
  • At a governance level, we provide an independent assessment of your team’s capability and focus to give you visibility in areas for improvement and confidence in your ACFI program.
  • Our focus is to educate your team on how to use the tools you have and provide coaching and support until your team feel they can go it alone.


We recognise every provider’s need is different so our fees reflect
the input we provide. As our focus is on empowering your staff, our pricing does not involve a revenue sharing model or locking you into a proprietary system.

Contact us today to discuss how we can optimise and build sustainability for your ACFI program.

Our ongoing support service can cost as little as


per resident per day.

Next steps

If you would like to discuss or engage in our ACFI program, please contact or call Denise Bradshaw on (02) 9239 9004 to arrange a time to meet with our consultants.


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