ACAR Support Program

ACAR remains the crucial hurdle to overcome if you want to grow organically. This means if growth is your strategic focus, then having a winning ACAR application is a must!

History shows that success goes to the applicants who:

Start planning early;
Use evidence-driven arguments;
Address the Department’s needs; and
Demonstrate financial capacity.

In the 2018-19 round we assisted with over 16 applications, and our success rate was more than 150% of the average.

Our experience, multidisciplinary team and understanding of the Department’s priorities mean that your applications will stand out above the pack.

In the last 4 ACAR rounds, the rate of success has fallen from 58% to 36%.

The Pride Living ACAR support program encompasses the following services:


Objective assessment of your chances of success


Market research to establish demographic trends and special needs


Financial models that demonstrate your capacity to finance the project


Identify gaps in your business case and provide recommendations to address these


We draft expert responses to the requirements in the application


Ensure that your statements are evidence-based rather than aspirational

Why Pride Living

  • We consistently outperform the national success rate
  • One client received one of the highest grants awarded
  • Our team includes experts in operations, clinical care, market research, strategy and financial analysis – you get a comprehensive approach
  • Our ongoing interaction with the Department ensures your application aligns with their priorities
  • We act on an exclusive basis in any SA3
  • Because success cannot be guaranteed, we offer a shared risk fee option in addition to our
    fixed fee option.

Choosing Pride Living means choosing a team of experts who will prioritise your ACAR application and maximise your chances for success.


Our fee options reflect the effort required to prepare an outstanding application and the risks associated with ACAR.

#1 - Fixed based
#2 - Success based
Fixed component
Success component

Discounts apply for multiple applications for the same approved provider.
Prices include GST


If your application is unsuccessful, we will lodge an application in the following round for a fee equal to 60% of our prevailing fixed fee component.


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