We recently had three of our consultants present at LASA’s 10 Days of Congress. In case you weren’t able to watch the presentations when they occurred we have provided the full video presentations below.

  • Bruce Bailey – Home Care Unleashed: Bruce discusses the key points of expanding into Home Care and what to look out for in order to operate in the new but competitive space.
  • Kaye Mann – COVID-19 and Aged Care Frontline Key Learnings: Kaye dives into the main learnings that we have discovered about COVID-19, its impact on Aged Care and how Providers have to adjust accordingly.
  • James Saunders – Is the answer in the stars?: James Saunders goes in-depth into the Royal Commission’s proposed star rating for staffing.

Home Care Unleashed

Managing Director

COVID-19 and Aged Care

Principal – Quality Management and Clinical Governance

Is the answer in the stars?

Partner – Financial and Operational Management

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