Non-compliance is the single greatest threat to the viability and sustainability of a Provider and erodes community support for the sector. From a governance perspective, Providers need robust and objective risk management and assessment policies and protocols to ensure potential non-compliances are identified and the risk minimised.

This is our second insight report into non-compliant and sanctioned facilities. In this edition we analyse the non-compliance and sanction data from My Aged Care for the period 1 January – 30 June 2020 and consider this in the context of our first report.

Our report builds on the Commission’s quarterly sector performance reports and provides commentary and analysis on the:

  • trends in the Commission’s activity and
  • standards and requirements where providers are being found non-complaint.
  • characteristics of non-compliant providers including their ownership, size and location.

Partner – Quality & Clinical Governance

Interactive online report

Below is an interactive online report that allows you to personally explore and interact with the data found:

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